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Brandywine Academic Services' SAT Prep Course is offered in 3 convenient formats:
Classroom Courses
Brandywine Academic Services' SAT Prep Course is taught by dedicated Math & English instructors.  Our score building program includes 24 hours of instructional time. Through lecture, interactive discussions, group activities, question and answer sessions, etc, your student will cover each of the topics outlined by the College Board. Your student's personalized study plan begins with him/her setting a goal - whether that be a college choice or actual SAT score. Homework assignments that reinforce lecture topics are then assigned according to that goal. In addition, official College Board SAT practice tests are completed on an independent basis throughout the duration of the course.
Classroom Courses are limited to 15 students. Students may enroll in the complete course, or just the critical reading & writing session or math session. 
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Private SAT Prep
Private SAT Prep sessions, the most popular option, are tailored to target individual goals and conform to personal schedules.  Whether you would like to complete the full SAT Prep curriculum, brush up on a particular sub-section of the test, or devote one or two sessions to SAT strategies, private sessions are a great way to help you meet your goals. 
Small Group Courses
Small Group Courses offer the benefits of private instruction at a more economical price. Small groups follow the SAT Prep curriculum and form on an ongoing basis.  Host your own group and receive a discount.

SAT Prep Pricing (based on 36hrs of instruction)

  • Private Sessions - $55/hr
  • 2 Person Small Group – Complete Course - $1620/person
  • 3 Person Small Group—Complete Course - $1440/person
  • Classroom Session – Complete Course - $900
  • Classroom Session – Mathematics Only - $475
  • Classroom Session – Critical Reading & Writing Only - $475
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