More About Study Skills

“In the end we retain from our studies only that which we practically apply.”        Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Throughout the course of this 8 week program, your student will learn a variety of study tactics and practically apply them to his/her current course load.
Topics Covered
Week 1:      Managing Your Time, Dealing with Distractions, Creating
                       a Study Plan
Week 2/3:  Identifying Your Personal Learning Style &
                      Applying Strategies to Your Daily Assignments
Week 4:      Organizing Your Notebook & Note Taking Methods
Week 5:      Making the Most Of Your Textbook - SQ3R
Week 6:      Preparing for Subjective Tests
Week 7:      Preparing for Objective Tests
Week 8:      Test Taking Strategies & Preparing for Exams
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Private Session - $360
2 Person Group - $280/person
3 Person Group - $240/person
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